GIOA Commitment to Education Grows

GIOA partnered with Fixed Income Academy (FIA) in 2011 to expand access to financial education and training in an online format. GIOA members across the country have completed FIA’s Bond School confirming the notion that learning foundational concepts online is a perfect complement to sessions delivered at the annual conference. Dozens of GIOA members have also earned the Certified Fixed Income Practitioner (CFIP) designation, the first designation created to help institutional bond investors and fiduciaries gain a broad understanding of bond market principles and best practices.

Why a New Designation?

The world is changing too fast to rely exclusively on what we learned in school. The need to be a life-long learner is spurring the creation of customized designations to meet the needs of various industries and career paths. Along these lines, we saw the benefit of a designation created specifically for government professionals to address topics unique to public sector investment oversight and management. By continuing to partner with FIA, we draw from their experience in online course development and gain access to a dynamic course delivery and support system.

What is a Certified Government Investment Professional (CGIP)?

GIOA has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the continuing education of Government Investment Officers and Professionals nationwide. As a continuation of that mission, a team of dedicated investment professionals and longtime GIOA members developed a new designation, the Certified Government Investment Professional (CGIP), and 20 new courses specifically for individuals responsible for managing or supervising government investment portfolios.

Designation Goals

  • Create a knowledge standard tailored for government investment professionals.
  • Develop the benchmark for the body of knowledge necessary to guide the critical professional development of current and future guardians of taxpayers’ monies.
  • Become the gauge for future online and offline coursework development.
  • Provide a way for government investment officers to distinguish themselves as leaders in the community and the marketplace.

Designation Benefits

Elevate your knowledge and reputation by being among the first to complete the CGIP program. Members will have two years to complete the 20 courses and pass the final exam. All of the coursework and the exams will be available online.

  • Learn from leading professionals and peers
  • Distinguish yourself in the investment community
  • Advance in your current position or prepare for a new one
  • “Earn 20 NASBA eligible CPE credits
  • Access courses 24/7 online
  • Learn at your own pace; licenses good for up to 24 months.


1 Investment Policies and State Laws
2 Cash Flow Analysis
3 Financial Market Overview
4 Federal Reserve Banking System and Monetary Policy
5 Economic Indicators and the Yield Curve
6 Fixed Income Instruments
7 Creating an Investment Plan/Portfolio Structures and Allocations
8 Bond Market Math
9 Understanding and Mitigating Risk
10 Options and Volatility – Callables and Prepayments
11 Credit Analysis
12 Technical Analysis
13 Portfolio Benchmarking and Measurement
14 Working with Broker-Dealers
15 Working with Outside Investment Managers or Advisors
16 Working with Custodians and Banks
17 Investment-Related Accounting (GASB and Budgeting Interest Income)
18 Reporting and Oversight
19 Investment Tools and Technology
20 Ethics and Professional Standards

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Designation Cost

Initial program cost is $1500 for a two-year license to access the coursework and take the final exam. There will be a $50 administrative fee annually to renew the designation and continuing education requirements.

What if I am already a CFIP?

The designations are not mutually exclusive. While some of the topics covered are also covered in Bond School, the CGIP program offers all new courses specifically tailored for public sector professionals. CFIP grads may be able to breeze through some of the coursework, minimizing the hours needed to prepare for the comprehensive exam, but our guess is it will be an enjoyable part of your journey to always be learning. For those of you needing annual CPE credits, you will also be able to earn additional credits (# of credits TBD). We are happy to discuss which designation, or whether both, is most suitable for you depending on your career goals.

If you are a CFIP designation holder and continuing member at Fixed Income Academy, you are eligible to register in the CGIP program at the reduced rate of $1000. To inquire about your current enrollment/status with FIA call 800-243-5097 or email

How do I sign up?

Still have questions?

Contact Jennifer Felger at GIOA or Susan Munson at Fixed Income Academy.
Jennifer:, (702) 489-8993
Susan: 800-243-5097